“This went through many changes. One draft announced this as “Pompeii” as I had just seen the BBC 1 docu-drama and wanted to nick their volcano software.But in the end, this episode reverted back to what it was always meant to be - a nice, quiet, and dare I say cheap episode. A stocktaking exercise to save money for 12 and 13.”

Doctor Who: Boom Town

Plans are unveiled for a nuclear power station to be built in the middle of Cardiff. This is the idea of Margaret Blaine, the only member of the Slitheen group who managed to escape the destruction of Number 10. She wants to build the station on top of The Rift, a rip in time which is also being used to “charge up” the Tardis. The Doctor tracks her down and tells her she must be returned to her own people for trial. She pleads with the Doctor to reconsider, as she is a renegade from her race, having a criminal record and so returning would mean certain death. As she tries to escape by threatning Rose, the Tardis intervenes and exposes the heart of the Time Rotor. This transforms Margaret, taking her back until she is once more an egg. The Doctor then returns the egg to the Slitheen home planet.

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