This is NOT Russell's e-mail address, it's the address to contact this web-site. I get SO much stuff for RTD through here - but there is no official mode of communication and I cannot forward stuff to him. At least I'm nicer than the BBC at telling you this (their customer relations are shocking, not like the old days of Jon and Tom when I was there!) All I can advise is to try these:

BBC Wales, Broadcasting House, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2YQ
Telephone (Wales) 08700 100 222.
Trying to get in touch with RTD is like trying to meet the queen (no pun intended). Good luck!

" My mailbag. I am shocking at answering letters. Shocking. And on nights like this, it haunts me, just a bit. I simply don't have time. I mean, what shall I do tomorrow? Spend all day answering letters? Or work on Doctor Who? "