“Originally, the whole Bad Wolf concept was missing here. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone about it. Ever. I just let it grow and fed it slowly - once I’d used the words as graffiti in Episode 4, I liked them and began to seed them into most episodes. Poor Julie and Phil, they had no idea what I was on about, but at least they trusted me!”

Doctor Who: Parting of the Ways

The Doctor vows to rescue Rose and he and Captain Jack take the Tardis to the mother ship where they meet the god of all Daleks, The Dalek Supreme. He has been driven mad by the fact that to perpetuate the Dalek species, human organic material had to be used. The Doctor plans to use a delta-wave to destroy the fleet, but unfortunately it will destroy the humans too. Deciding it far too dangerous for Rose, he tricks her into going back into the Tardis and sends her home. Utterly distraught, Rose begs Jackie and Mickey to help her open the heart of the Tardis. They eventually manage this and Rose is bathed in the power of the time vortex. Using this power, she arrives back on the space station, and destroys the Daleks. The power is too much for Rose, so the Doctor takes it into himself and transfers it back into the Tardis, but this is too much for this incarnation of the Doctor, and after a heart-breaking good-bye, he regenerates into a completely new man!

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